Perthshire plays host to a range of exciting and diverse events, from the Highland games to Scotland’s biggest music festival.  Home to some of the most striking mountain terrain, Perthshire is a great destination for hillwalkers and climbers. 

There are various historical sites and buildings to be explored, with the region home to the smallest and oldest distillery in Scotland. With a wealth of history and stunning landscapes, Perthshire has something for everyone. Find out more here.


The Highlands features some of Scotland’s most ancient and inspiring landscapes. Home to a range of iconic castles, glens and lochs, the Highlands provides the perfect opportunity for a family day out. In addition to breathtaking views, there is also a vast range of outdoor activities for the adventurous. From golf to skiing, mountain biking to watersports, the region offers no shortage of things to do. With its rich and visible history, a visit to the Highlands is a memorable one. Explore the Highlands further here.