Route Information

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The route information map is split into three main sections, Dunblane to Perth, Perth to Inverness and Inverness to Thurso. It aims to highlight service facilities and information relating to long term road works associated with the dualling programme which is now underway. Please visit the Engineering Information page for the latest information on long term works impacting the route.

You can explore each section of the road by using the orange buttons below, filter the results by using the key on the right hand side, or simply zoom in to view a section of the road.


Dunblane to Perth

This section is a dual carriageway for its full length (approx 47km). The route spans from Keir Roundabout (west of Dunblane) to Inveralmond Roundabout (Perth).

Average driving time is 35 minutes and traffic within this section is subject to the national speed limit.

There are a number of major towns with junctions along this section of the A9, in addition to four grade separated junctions. In addition to this are a number of farm accesses and side roads forming priority junctions.

Further details are available in our Dunblane to Perth section.


Perth to Inverness

This section of the A9 is predominately single carriageway. The route (approx 188km) has an average drive time of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

There are numerous dual carriageway sections along this part of the A9, with width at around 7.5 metres. There are also a number of junctions at some of the major towns.

To find out more about carriageway sections see our route information for Perth to Inverness.


Inverness to Thurso

With an average drive time of 2 hours and 16 minutes, this section of A9 is single carriageway North of the Tore Roundabout. Traffic within this section is subject to the national speed limit.

From Clashmore to Latheron alignment and widths of the road are of a lower standard. There are tight radius bends and poor forward visibility. Latheron to Scrabster Harbour has generally good to excellent forward visibility.

If you’re planning to travel along this part of the A9 then find out more about the Inverness to Thurso route.