If you're travelling at the speed limit do you actually need to overtake?
You must overtake without breaking the speed limit
Don't tailgate. Sit back and wait for a safe opportunity, then close the gap.
It’s hard to judge the speed of a vehicle. It might be closer or travelling faster than you think.
Check there is distance ahead to overtake safely and there is nothing on the sides of the road that could cause a problem.
Many accidents take place on stretches of barren road.
Slower vehicles should pull in when safe to do so to let other vehicles past.
Don't overtake close to bends.
If there’s a queue of traffic ahead, you need to be certain you’ll be able to get past them all. If not, wait until there are gaps between the vehicles ahead.
Check your mirrors before you overtake. There might already be a car overtaking YOU.
Take extra care when overtaking cyclists or pedestrians, and make sure you can give them plenty of room.
Motorcyclists: please be aware of overtaking vehicles.
Motorists: please be aware of motorcyclists overtaking you.
If you know there’s dual carriageway coming up soon, can you just wait rather than overtake?
Slow-moving vehicles like HGVs: wait until faster-moving vehicles have overtaken you on dual carriageway before you start to overtake.
Overtaking is particularly hard at night.
Don't let your indicator be the last thing you ever hear. Think before overtaking on the A9. Share these tips with your friends and family and help increase awareness and reduce accidents on the A9 Road.