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Extensive changes will be taking place on the route over the next few years, with planned dualling due for completion in 2025. Take the initiative and use our route information before your journey.

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August 2016 - Performance Data

The A9 Safety Group have published the latest performance data for the A9. The latest data set marks the mid-point of the 3 year evaluation programme with collision and casualty data up to April 2016. The overall summary is that there continues to be a sustained improvement in driver behaviour and a corresponding fall in collisions and casualties. In human terms 4 fewer people have been killed, 22 fewer seriously injured and 62 fewer people slightly injured on the A9 in this 18 month period compared to the equivalent baseline period. There are also additional benefits brought through reduced incidents and their subsequent impact. which has improved journey time reliability. The main points from the data monitoring are:

  • The number of fatal casualties between Dunblane and Inverness is down by over 33% compared to the baseline average
  • The number of ‘fatal and serious collisions’ between Dunblane and Inverness is down by over 45%, with ‘fatal and serious casualties’ down by 62%
  • There have been no fatal collisions between Dunblane and Perth and the average number of serious collisions and injuries is down by almost 85%
  • The number of ‘fatal and serious collisions’ between Perth and Inverness is down by almost 32%, with ‘fatal and serious casualties’ down by almost 58%
  • The number of serious injury casualties between Perth and Inverness is down by over 71%
  • The overall number of casualties of all classes between Dunblane and Inverness is down by 50%

The supporting data continues to evidence high levels of speed limit compliance and a drop in incident frequency and impact.

Further information is available on our publications page.

A9 Dualling

For information on the A9 Dualling project please click here.

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