The A9 Safety Group aims to provide up-to-date and accurate information on Scotland’s longest road.

This site provides a comprehensive overview of the A9, with statistics, route information, driving tips and road campaigns. With an average 142,000 vehicles using the A9 every day, planning a safe and efficient journey is important.

Extensive changes will be taking place on the route over the next few years, with planned dualling due for completion in 2025. Take the initiative and use our route information before your journey.

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Average Speed Camera Myths

There are a number of myths and tales surrounding average speed cameras, from the benefits they bring to the reasons for their installation.

Camera Technology

The Average Speed Camera System being deployed on the A9 is the SPECS3 incorporating the Portable Outstation Device.

Speed Limits on the A9

There have been many comments in various different forums regarding speed limit signing on the A9. The A9 is no different from any other road in the country in this respect in that it has to comply with current legislation and best practice. The essence of the strategy is that speed limit signage should be consistent and clear across the whole of the country.

Responsibility lies with the driver of a vehicle to know the speed limit for the vehicle that they are driving within an area where the national speed limit applies. The A9 between Dunblane and Inverness is subject to the national speed limit. Further information on speed limits can be found here.

Camera Update

All of the camera locations between Perth & Inverness have now been completed and work will recommence on the Perth to Dunblane section following the Ryder Cup. The sytem remains on schedule to be introduced in late October.

A9 Dualling

For information on the A9 Dualling project please click here.

Please let us know if you have any trunk road defects you would like to report.