The A9 Safety Group aims to provide up-to-date and accurate information on Scotland’s longest road.

This site provides a comprehensive overview of the A9, with statistics, route information, driving tips and road campaigns. With an average 142,000 vehicles using the A9 every day, planning a safe and efficient journey is important.

Extensive changes will be taking place on the route over the next few years, with planned dualling due for completion in 2025. Take the initiative and use our route information before your journey.

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Latest Performance Data Published

The A9 Safety Group have published the latest performance data covering the first year of operation of the cameras. The most recent figures continue to demonstrate the improved driver behaviour being experienced on the A9.

• The number of people being killed or seriously injured over the first 9 months is down by nearly half.
• Notwithstanding roadworks journey times are averaging 7 minutes longer than before; and, journeys are more reliable with fewer incidents causing disruption. 
• The number of people speeding excessively remains low and has dropped from 1 in 10 to less than 1 in 250.
• This means very few people are being issued with speeding tickets; averaging roughly 15 a day.

A 3 year before and after period will be used to assess the effectiveness of the cameras. Monitoring shows 2 fewer people were killed on the A9 after the first year of cameras compared with the average for the 3 calendar years before. We will continue to monitor for the full 3 year after period.

Further information is available on our publications page.

A9 Dualling

For information on the A9 Dualling project please click here.

Please let us know if you have any trunk road defects you would like to report.